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Open Now for Online Application

Limited space available.


Group discussions, masterclasses, and audition prep exercises.


Private lessons and coachings tailored

exactly to your

current needs.

Mock Audition

Real-world simulation of present-day audition experiences. 


The Toronto Summer Audition Intensive is a five-day opera training program for aspiring opera singers in downtown Toronto, committed to providing a supportive environment concentrated on every aspect of preparing for an audition. Participants will receive private lessons and coachings as well as group forums and masterclasses, all culminating in a mock audition.

Program 2022


The fee for the Toronto Summer Audition Intensive is $600 for 5 full days of training.


The Toronto Summer Audition Intensive will take place July 7-11 2022.


Classes and coachings will be held in downtown Toronto.

Program will be held in accordance with current COVID 19 recommendations.

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